Serifos island

The picturesque Chora is the capital of Serifos and probably one of the most impressive in Cyclades. It spreads on a hill of about 230 meters high, adorning it up to the top with whitewashed houses and churches, with a style loyal to the traditional Cycladic architecture. The rocky ground is engraved by a cobble stepped path, which is frequently interrupted by asphalt, and connects the settlements of Kato and Ano Chora, while the narrow alleyways branch till the top of the hill. At the top of the Chora of Serifos is the Castle, built in the end of the medieval period. It was created in order to protect from raids and is designed in a fortified way, with the densely built small houses that surround it acting as a defensive wall. To get to the top and to St. Konstantinos chapel, you will need to climb several steps – but the view will reward you. The spectacle of the sun rising from the sea, the deep colors of the sunset and the starry sky on a moonless night will take your breath away. The small settlement of the Castle began to systematically expand outside its “lotzies” (entrances), thus introducing the settlement of Ano Chora. The dense structuring remains the main characteristic of the residential development and the labyrinthine alleys descend between the whitewashed houses, meeting Pano Piazza along their way. A popular point of Serifos, this picturesque square is one of the few open areas inside Chora. On its one side dominates since 1908 the neoclassical building of the Town Hall and a few meters away stands the church of St. Athanasios – the cathedral of Serifos. The “Piazza” of Ano Chora is beautiful any time of the day and also at night, when it is full of life, fun and music, under an imaginary roof filled with stars. Further below is the Square of the Windmills, with three traditional windmills overshadowing the ruins of the rest. The image of the most beautiful village of Serifos is complemented by the settlement of Kato Chora, along the slope, with the church of Evangelistria standing imposingly in the central square, adding color to the whitewashed landscape.

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