Sifnos island

The beautiful fishing village was a port of Sifnos until 1883. It consists of two coves that are connected by a small path. It is one of the windy beaches of the island, with many options for tasting delicious dishes, fresh fish, seafood and traditional appetizers. Two beaches with fine sand where you can enjoy the sea with a wonderful view of Chrysopigi and the old mines. The first one hosts all types of businesses while the second one is Glyfo, it is deserted, with no building a beautiful sandy beach with blue waters, fresh fish, seafood and traditional appetizers. Two beaches with fine sand where you can enjoy the sea with a wonderful view of Chrysopigi and the old mines. The first one hosts all types of businesses while the second one is Glyfo, it is deserted, with no building a beautiful sandy beach with blue waters. Arriving at Faros you will meet the fish tavern .Limanaki. at first. Captain Giorgis will suggest whatever he gets from his morning fishing with his fishing boat Faneromeni. Ask him what fish did he get in his nets and enjoy fresh fish daily. The “Lhinos” at the central point of the beach overlooking the mines and in Chrysopigi, serves fresh seafood with its specialty lobster spagetti and unique garliced mussels that you should not miss to try out. Early in the morning breakfast, coffee and snacks are served at the tables on the sandy beach to enjoy your swim and when it’s time be sure that the wonderful flavors, the fresh seafood and the aroma of ouzo will keep you the best company. From early morning until late at night, at .Gorgona. you have all the options to have a great time. Beautiful breakfast to start your day, refreshing salads, fresh juices and snacks to accompany your stay on the beach, and of course the traditional appetizers. When the night comes the old pottery factory transforms into a beautiful bar featuring cocktails and musical nights with djs, as well as unplugged friendly nights on the sand. Climbing the path to Glyfos, on your left stands the most beautiful balcony of Faros. In the ‘Faros” restaurant the fish are baked in front of you. Shrimps and octopus are fresh and chilled, while the beautiful view of the port and the smells of the fish that are baked on the charcoal next to you will stimulate your enjoyment.

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